Welcome to the SSIS Radio Player

What is the SSIS Radio Player?

It is a website where you can find a variety of internet radio streams from different countries that you can listen to directly without the need of installing any additional software.

  • In the touch version, you can click on the station's logo and the corresponding player will be loaded in the upper left corner to play the stream.

The following media streams are used:

MP3: The most popular compression method with mostly 128 kbps
AAC: The new standard that offers very good quality with lower bandwidth and therefore mostly uses 64kbps
HLS: This is the new web packet-based streaming method as a transmission type that is mostly used for AAC
DASH : This is a new streaming standard that specializes in always choosing the best possible stream for the available bandwidth quality

OGG: A free compression method for audio and video, but is rarely used.
OPUS: A further developed version audio compression format of OGG that is almost never used.

  • Country Radios is a list of countries with corresponding radio stream lists.
    Here you can also see the URLs of the streams and the websites of the radio stations.
  • There are also links to automatically generated .m3u and .pls playlists with which you can easily stream the stream e.g. with the VLC player or the SMPlayer.

PLEASE NOTE: All logos and streams are copyright (C) of the respective radio stations and website owners!

  • In addition to the streams, there are also lists with links to websites that provide an overview of radio stations.
  • The recommendation menu offers direct links to streams I have selected
  • Under Home -> Favorites you can create your own favorites list, which is displayed in the menu.
  • With logout you close this list again.
  • If you don't have a login yet, click on Register and fill out the form. Then you have access to the favorites list.
  • A list that is optimized for speed and still offers access to all streams can be found in the Home menu under

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If you have any questions, please write to info@ssisradioplayer.ch

Thank you!


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